Moolah 54 History

MOOLAH - an Arabic word meaning "Title for one learned in teaching dignity for Islamic law and religion."

In 1895, a new faction of Shrinedom surfaced named the Imperial Council for North America and Canada was formed by Benjamin S. Harris and Milton F. Fields."  By 1900, Milton Fields had resumed control of this faction and grew it to several temples.  He was a prominent mason from St. Louis, Missouri.  He held several leadership positions in the clandestine Supreme Council, as well as the Imperial Council.

By 1910, Eugene Phillips became the Prince Hall Imperial Potentate.  He had an agenda to bring all of the wayward factions together under the Prince Hall umbrella.  At the 1911 session, Milton Fields showed up and sought to be admitted.  Unbeknown to the Nobles in attendance, Fields had taken the oath of fealty and had pledged allegiance to the Imperial Council. Along with Fields, an agreement was signed bringing temples over from his faction to the AEAONMS.

At the next session in 1912, in Washington D.C., Noble George W. McKoin presented the original warrant/charter of Medinal Temple #1 of the Fields faction.  It was renumbered 39 in the Imperial Council.  It was also announced that on May 2, 1912, Moolah Temple #54 was re-chartered by the Imperial Council.

Moolah Divan in 1912

  • Illustrious Potentate - W. H. F. Brown
  • Chief Rabban - Walter Williams
  • Assistant Rabban - Richard D. Harris
  • High Priest & Prophet - D. J. Hughes
  • Recorder - R. Snipes

Moolah was reinstated on August 17- 1944.  This was due to the fact that membership was lost due to WWII.